Eitan Lees


Hey! I am Eitan Lees, a graduate student in the department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University. I am currently doing research with Dr. Shanbhag modeling the corrosion of metal. I have been involved with the development of a python visualization package called Altair which was recently published in the Journal of Open Source Software (link to paper).

Please check out my CV for more details on my work.

Recent Talks


Florida State University (2015-present)

Through my study of physics I developed an interest in programming and computers. I am now at Florida State University pursuing a PhD in the emerging field of Scientific Computing. My background in physics and mathematics has allowed me to take on many of the challenging scientific problems.

Miami University of Ohio (2013-2015)

I received a Masters degree from Miami University of Ohio in physics. The main focus of my research was studying quantum optics, specifically the collective quantum jumps of Rydberg Atoms ( paper/ talk/ poster ). During my time at MUO I was also a teaching assistant for many physics labs.

Appalachian State University (2009-2013)

I have a bachelors degree in physics from Appalachian State University, where I studied the fabrication and characterization of organic solar cells ( paper/ talk/ poster ). I also was involved in the modeling of voting trends in North Carolina using decision trees and random forests (poster).


Email: eitan.lees@gmail.com